Best Gifts For Rock Climbers Who Want To Get High ;-)

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Best Gifts For Rock Climbers
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Looking for the best gifts for rock climbers? If you’re not a climber yourself, finding a gift that will make your climber friend happy may be challenging, so, to make your life easier, I’ve done the research on the best gift ideas for climbers especially for you. Climbing much more than just a sport. It’s a passion. Your climber friend probably already has a pair of climbing shoes and the basic gear, so you have to be more creative than that.

Here are the best gifts for rock climbers that I found for you on the web. I hope you will find my ideas useful.


Best Gifts For Rock Climbers


Fancy Chalk Bag

A chalk bag is something that every climber uses to carry chalk – white powder fade from Magnesium Carbonate, which dries the hands and improves friction when climbing (no, it’s not for sniffing). Why have a simple and dull chalk bag, if you can have a pretty colorful chalk bag? Thera are plethora of different designs of chalk bags, some of them very fancy indeed 🙂

Price: $24.90





Cliff Hanger T-Shirt

A cliff hanger T-shirt with an original print makes a fantastic gift for rock climbers. The handsome fellow with an afro is not included, which is a shame.

Price: $14.54




Climber’s Mug

gifts-for-rock-climbers-mug-1Train your grip strength while having your morning coffee or sipping tea. A climber’s mug is an awesome gadget that every climber will surely appreciate. It’s available with a red or blue hold.

Price: $26.99





Training Board

A training board is a very practical gift for rock climbers – it’s a piece of climbing wall that you can hang over the door at home or in an office. Regular hanging provides the stimulation you need to improve finger strength and beat gravity.


Price: $68.95




Squeeze Ball

If you are looking for cheap gifts for rock climbers, I suggest you buy a set of squeeze balls. It’s an ideal training product for all sports that need strong hand muscles. Each ball has a different resistance. Apart from enhancing strength, they also increase flexibility, prevent stiffness and ease muscle tension in fingers, hands, and forearms.


Price: $10.99





Climb On! Cream

Climb On! Cream is, in my opinion, one of the most practical gifts for rock climbers you can find. It’s an intensive and super concentrated skin repair cream that will heal climber’s wounds after a heavy climb. As the producer promises, “You will scream if you run out of your cream!” 🙂

Suitable also for eczema, rash and tattoos.

Price: $28.01




The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training For Climbers

Strength and technique are very important, and so is the mind. This book is a mental training program for climbers, aimed at enhancing their performance and enjoyment. It not only tackles motivation, risk assessment, and focus, but also gives tips on overcoming fear.

Price: $18.95




Mountain Decor

A piece of artwork on the wall makes a nice reminder of epic mountain adventures. “The mountains are calling and I must go” is a quote from John Muir, one of America’s most famous outdoor enthusiasts of the 19th c, and the Father of National Parks, who’s mission was to understand and preserve nature.



FrictionLabs Chalk

Gorilla Grip is a high quality chalk that boosts climber’s performance keeping hands dry and preventing slipping off. While for weight lifting it doesn’t matter, in climbing the quality of chalk does make a difference. It stays longer on the hand, protects your skin from cracking and doesn’t make a cloud of dust that some cheap chalks do.

Prices: $5 – $25

Best Gifts For Climbers




GoPro Hero5

The newest member of the GoPro family is an awesome toy and a very advanced camcorder device, which will immortalize your epic climbs and capture the most exciting moments in 4K resolution. It’s waterproof without the housing and delivers smoother video, quality audio and brilliant shots.

Price: $499 (but worth every dollar)





Which of my gifts for rock climbers do you like best? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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