30+ Best Star Wars Gift Ideas for Adults In The Whole Galaxy

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Best Star Wars Gift Ideas For Christmas

If you’re looking for the best Star Wars gift ideas for any occasion on the web, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve browsed literally thousands of Star Wars inspired gadgets and gathered here over 30 awesome items that will make great gifts for any Star Wars fan in the Galaxy. Check these Star Wars gifts with Force!


Star Wars Gift Ideas For A Girlfriend

Star Wars Inspired Earrings

If your girlfriend is a fan, she’ll love geeky Star Wars inspired jewelry. These Stormtrooper and Imperial Symbol stud earrings made of stainless steel are a really cute gift for a girl who enjoys the Dark Side.


Stormtrooper & Imperial Symbol Stud Earrings – $25.99


Earrings Star Wars Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Yoda Yoga Mat

Time for some yoga with Yoda! Let the Force guide you through your yoga session and make you as calm as a Jedi master. Do, or do not. There is no try.

Yoda Yoga Mat – $32.99

Yoda Yoga Mat Star Wars gift idea


Star Wars Gift Ideas For A Geek

Yoda Slippers

Warm and comfy, these slippers are. Best gift for any Yoda fan, it is. Reported to frighten cats, so careful with felines you must be.

Awesome Star Wars gift ideas Yoda slippers

Yoda Coffee MugYoda Mug Star Wars Gifts For Boyfriend

The Force awakens every morning with a coffee served in this Yoda-green ceramic coffee mug. The way the Keep Calm slogan was transformed with Yoda’s peculiar syntax is pretty hilarious. Definitely a great Star Wars gift for the Yoda fan in your life.

Calm You Shall Keep And Carry On You Must Coffee Mug – $14.95



Droid-Shaped Power StationR2D2 Power Station Star Wars Gift Ideas for Boyfriend


Jedi Lightsaber Chopsticks

Add some Force to your Chinese takeaway with these Darth Vader lightsaber chopsticks, which actually light up! You don’t like to be on the dark side? For the good guys, they’re also available in blue and green, so you can feel like Luke Skywalker or Master Yoda.

You don’t like to be on the dark side? For the good guys, they’re also available in blue and green, so you can feel like Luke Skywalker or Master Yoda.


Darth Vader Light Up Chopsticks – $14.14

Funny Star Wars Gifts Jedi Chopsticks

Star Wars Cook Book

Darth Vader Cooking Suit

Enhance your kitchen experience with a Darth Vader apron and the coolest oven mitt you’ve ever seen (for the right-handed). The mitt protects your hand with high-grade silicone while allowing you to use the Force.

Darth Vader ApronStar Wars gifts Darth Vader Glove


Millenium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board


Millenium Falcon T-ShirtStar Wars TShirt Gift

Made of soft high-quality fabric, this T-Shirt is a perfect gift for a Star Wars fanatic for any occasion, including Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

The Millenium Falcon glow-in-the-dark design really does glow in the dark!


Star Wars Blue Glow in the Dark Falcon T-Shirt – $21.99


Star Wars Ugly Sweater

The Chewbacca Ugly Sweater is just a perfect accessory for a Christmas ugly sweater party. For an ugly sweater, it’s actually quite nice and can be worn on the street too. The acrylic fabric is soft and warm.


Chewbacca Ugly Christmas Sweater – $59.99

Star Wars Gifts Chewbacca Sweater


Star Wars Gifts For Men:

Elegant Star Wars Cufflinks

Intergalactic travelers understand the importance of elegance. For a guy who loves Star Wars, there is no better gift than a pair of designer Star Wars inspired cufflinks, that he can show off on official occasions. Both Republic fans and Empire supporters will find them just adorable.

imperial-cufflinks milleniumfalcon-cufflink deathstar-cufflinks stormtrooper-cufflinks


Star Wars Gift Ideas For Home


Star Wars Waffle Maker

Need some extra Force in the morning? Treat yourself with a Death Star shaped waffle that will destroy your morning hunger and allow you take control over entire planets, or a delicious B-88 waffle that will make getting out of bed a lot easier. The aluminium cooking plates of these waffle makers are non-stick, and make pretty fine and detailed waffles.

Now, the biggest problem is to decide which one you like best… Let the waffles be with you (and with maple syrup)!


   BB-8 Waffle Maker Best Star Wars GiftsDarth Vader Cool Star Wars GiftsStormtrooper Waffle Maker Star Wars GIftsDeath Star Pankake Maker Star Wars Gift ideas


Darth Vader Toaster

May the Force be with you every morning, as the Empire strikes back with perfectly toasted pieces of bread. Each Darth Vader Toaster is made of black plastic and looks just like Darth Vader’s helmet, making an awesome piece of kitchen decor for every Star Wars fan. The toaster burns a perfect Star Wars logo on each side of the bread and has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Those who like to have their toast on the dark side can adjust the temperature to get them very well done.

Darth Vader Toaster


Death Star Tea Set

Any tea addict in the Galaxy will absolutely love this Death Star teapot with a tea infuser. This stainless steel infuser can hold as much leaf tea as a standard infuser, but it’s shaped like the Death Star. Together with the teapot, it makes one of the best Star Wars gift ideas for a tea lover!

Cool Star Wars Gift IdeasTea Infuser Star Wars Gifts for Women


Droid Salt & Pepper Shakers

Best Star Wars GiftsAdd a little Star Wars to every meal with these cool salt and pepper ceramic shakers, moulded with accurate droid detailing. They’re durable and have a removable bung in the base for easy refilling. One of the best Star Wars gift ideas if you’re on a budget, and a must for every grown-up Star Wars fan!



Millenium Falcon Bean BagCool Star Wars Gifts Bean Bag Cover

Now, with this bean bag you can have your very own Millenium Falcon. This officially licensed fastest space vehicle in the whole galaxy is comfy and looks really cool.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bean Bag Cover – $79.99

Star Wars Bed Sheet Set: Republic & Empire


Star Wars Gifts Bed Sheet

Star Wars Towel Set

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away we’ve found these adorable cotton Star Wars towels, that will give your bathroom some Star Wars touch.

Star Wars Gifts Towel Set Imperial Rebel leia-han-solo-star-wars-towels Star Wars Gifts Darth Vader Storm Trooper Towel Set




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