10 Stylish Gifts For Sailors That Every Sailor Will Love

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Being a sailor is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Every sailor will agree with that.

Once you get bitten ¬†by the sailing bug, you will never get enough. It’s the adrenaline mixed with joy, fulfillment, and beauty of nature, but also with fear, helplessness, and fatigue. Some say it’s the most expensive way of spending your time in an uncomfortable manner. But as I said, it doesn’t make it any less addictive.

Trust me, I’m a sailor myself ūüėČ

I have picked for you 10 beautiful gifts for sailors Рstylish items that every sailing enthusiast will love.


Stylish Gifts for Sailors


Rope Bracelet

Rope bracelets with a stainless steel anchor or a real shackle are a fancy accessory both for men and women. They’re available in vivid contrasting colors.

These rope bracelets will surely rock, both at sea and ashore. All your friends in the marina will be asking where you got it from.

Prices: $9 – $25

Gifts Sailor BraceleSailors Gifts Rope BraceletGifts For Sailors Bracelet




Nautical Belt

A nautical belt is a nice gift not only for sailors with dropping pants. It can give your everyday work outfit a nautical touch. It’s subtle¬†but never passes unnoticed. And it keeps the pants where they should be.

Price: $27.99

Sailor Gifts Nautical Belt



Nautical Porthole Mirror

Gifts For Sailors Porthole Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who do you think is fairest of all? You, my dear. A polished brass porthole mirror will tell you the truth and give an illusion of living on a boat when ashore.

Price: $46.36




Recycled Sail Bag

Nautical Gift Ideas Sail BagThere are manufacturers who give ripped sails a second life with a stunning result! This lovely sail cloth bag with a whale print is a stylish and lasting gift for a sailor lady ūüôā¬†Its hand-splices rope handles give it a vintage touch.

Price: $150




Piece of  Art

This blue octopus (or is it a Kraken?!) was printed on a real page from a vintage dictionary, so every print is one of a kind. This artwork will be a beautiful decoration for an ocean themed living room. Just don’t forget to buy a frame, it’s not included.

Price: $12.99




Nautical Cuff Links

On formal occasions, a sailor needs to be elegant. And there are few things that are more elegant than cuff links. Shiny nautical cuff links made of stainless steel match especially white shirts and classic navy blue suits or tuxedos. The material guarantees their durability and fault resistance.

It’s a must for weddings, banquets, and evening meetings.

Price: $24.99




Sailing T-Shirt

Sailing T-shirts make perfect gifts for sailors. “You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sails” is a universal truth about life, which makes this T-shirt an ideal gift for any occasion. Available in multiple colors.

Price: $19.99



Classic Yacht Model

Every sailor dreams about an own boat, and I am no exception. But buying one is only the beginning of expenses. The maintenance of a yacht is extremely costly, so I found a solution for that. There is no use in having a boat when you go sailing just for a week or two a year. Instead, get a beautiful classic yacht model for your home and for sailing, charter a real yacht.

Price: $89.99




Nautical Duvet Cover 100% Cotton

Dreaming about voyages on the Seven Seas is even more intense when you have nautical bedding. This lovely set of sheets¬†is a nice accessory for any sailor’s bedroom.

Price: $71.99




16th c. Globe Bar

There is no better rum storage for a sailor than a globe bar. It’s a perfect gadget for classic interiors, which will certainly add some aristocratic splendor to any party and will be a wonderwall for your guests. Not suitable for navigation, though.

Price: $129.99

Sailors Gifts Christmas



How do you like my gifts for sailors? Is there anything you would add?

Don’t forget to share the list with your fellow sailors! Sharing is caring.

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  1. Matt's Mom says:

    I do not know any sailors, but my son will love some of these gifts! I am glad I found this post. Great Christmas ideas. I particularly like the rope bracelet and the nautical duvet cover. We love the water and sailing, so these are awesome. I love the globe bar! So unique and pretty to boot!

  2. Rachel says:

    Spoiler alert, I’m not a sailor. But I’ve always wanted to be one! I fantasize all the time about taking off on a boat, although I don’t know how to sail one so that would be pretty irresponsible. I love everything on this list, especially the cute cuff links, I wish I had some cuffs that need linking.

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